Episode 10: MLM vs Small Business

Join us this week as we discuss the difference between Multi Level Marketing Schemes (MLMs) and running your own small business. We will discuss why MLMs are (in general) not a good thing to use to try and get extra money, as well as Pros and Cons of running your own business. So lock the bathroom door. pour a glass of wine, and take a deep breath. It’s time for the 80s Mom Podcast.


(Un)Well Documentary

Will it Fly

Thank You Economy

Sunken Cost Fallacy Definition

crypto currency 101 Podcasts:

The Survival Podcast Episode 2777

Living Free in Tennessee Episode 362

Small Businesses that Were Mentioned:

Get a Host Now

Secure Coop

Viking & Weaver

Social Media Links:

MeWe Page

MeWe Group





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